Workable solutions for complex, interdisciplinary problems

Systemway Consulting, Inc. is an Ottawa based management consulting firm with expertise in the public policy domain, offering comprehensive packages that cover the lifespan of public policy development, implementation and evaluation.

Since 2009, Systemway Consulting has offered management consulting services to a range of public and private clients, including Indigenous governments and entities. It provides services in policy development, regulatory systems design, regulatory alternatives analysis, policy and project management, data governance and knowledge management.

Our expertise includes governance capacity development, public health, economic development, procurement policy, environmental sustainability, compliance behavior, risk management and employment equity, including gender equity.

Starting with the specific issue, we provide research, evaluation and strategic recommendations, and add on relevant information technology and visual communication services, as needed, to effectively deliver your policy message to stakeholders.

Our strength is presenting tangled, dense policy issues clearly and comprehensively, through effective conceptual graphics.

Our promise:

  • A strong understanding of what the client wants and needs
  • In-depth, multi-faceted consideration and competent modelling of the problems and solutions
  • Effective presentation that brings all the stakeholders to a common understanding
  • Suggesting and providing required software solutions
  • Persuasive communication through internet, print and media outreach
  • Reporting and policy writing
  • Affordable solutions, delivered to deadline, while maintaining good client relations
  • Cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary knowledge; national and international experience

Our practice areas

Our team of dedicated & dependable consultants are experts in a wide range of practice areas. 

Regulatory analysis

Using modeling and in-depth analysis, we lead clients through all aspects of their issues to help them understand complex problems and lead to logical solutions. Our system models support sound decision-making and strong public policy planning and implementation.

Policy development

We provide a comprehensive package that covers the lifespan of public policy development, implementation and evaluation. From regulatory systems design, regulatory alternatives analysis, policy/project planning and management, process re-engineering, change management, program evaluation.

Data governance and management

With a team of data management, data mining and data visualization experts, we develop effective and efficient products to ensure your data provides meaningful support to policy development, performance measurements and evaluation.

Project Planning & Management

Equipped with operation research and management science, SystemWay has successfully provided project planning, resource allocation, financial controlling, and operational management to deliver over 200 million dollars in the major construction projects.

Visual-rich End Products

From spectacular reports to infographics to conceptual diagrams, graphs, and charts, we package our findings and results into products that capture the imagination and impart information in an intuitive, clear manner. We present complex policy issues clearly and comprehensively — through conceptual and project graphics, portals, solution road maps; and qualitative and quantitative analysis represented through various simulation and modelling techniques.

Our Team


Wei Xie

Wei Xie is a Senior Leader in management consulting with more than eighteen (18) years of experience in complex system analysis, performance analysis and evaluation, risk analysis and management, system/organization/program design and reengineering, optimization and simulation and modelling, and knowledge management

Equipped with a solid background in Systems Science, Public Policy, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Management and Information Techniques, Ms. Xie brings a unique synergy to provide workable solutions for complex inter-disciplinary problems. She has provided regulatory/policy analysis, program development & implementation, project planning and management, process re-engineering, policy alternatives development, program evaluation, and knowledge management services to a broad range of public and private clients. Her extensive and varied experience includes policy design, resource allocation, program/project management, cost-efficient analysis, risk analysis and management, and evaluation.

Languages: English and Mandarin

Visual Consultant

Kate Cassidy

Kate Cassidy has provided graphic design services and project management for over thirty-three years.

She is renowned for visual metaphors and illustrations of unique and abstract concepts, and has produced thousands of visual, interactive, printed and web products, depicting a wide spectrum of vital Canadian issues. Her work includes graphical and interactive representations of legal, policy, organizational, and process structures, capturing complex relationships in clear, compelling visual products.

She has brought her expertise to a variety of professional sectors, including the high-tech sector, government, and small design firms. Within the public sector alone, these include the environment, the health and safety of Indigenous peoples and Canadian society, public health, employment and human resources, access to information, continued learning, foreign credentials recognition, treaties, Indigenous self-government, and the electoral process.

Data Analyst

Calla Ma

After graduating from MBA in 2015, Calla started her career in the financial services industry and accumulated professional skills in financial management, project management, and private equity investment. At the same time, through the coordination and document preparation of the consulting company’s projects, she also carried out policy analysis and data analysis.

Data Architecture

Marc-Antoine Parent, M.Sc

Marc-Antoine Parent is a software architect with 16 years of work experience in object-oriented and portal information architecture, natural language processing, knowledge representation, qualitative data acquisition, conceptualizing complex data visualization and agent simulation. A versatile programmer and thinker, he has a strong ability to grasp complex ideas rapidly and develop client empathy. He combines high-level Mathematics and Information Technology skills with interdisciplinary research on the collaborative decision-making processes and tools.

Mr. Parent has an in-depth understanding of Social Software, from online public deliberation to knowledge management applications. He can present a variety of collaborative work tools, internet-based or internal, including web forums, wikis, content management systems, blogging software; help organizations decide what’s best for them and facilitate their use.

Languages: French, English, Italian, Portuguese


Veena Gokhale, MES

Veena Gokhale is a communications specialist who masters a range of social marketing tools. With 25 years of work experience, she is adept at print media, website content development and management, media outreach, public engagement, government and stakeholder relations, project development, fundraising and project management.

With a background in print journalism and interdisciplinary environmental studies, Ms. Gokhale’s excellent writing, editing, analysis, strategic communication and public relations skills were honed in the Canadian non-profit sector in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal. She has also worked in international development in Canada, India/South Asia and Tanzania.

Languages: English, French, Hindi and other Indian languages

See what our clients are saying

Working with Systemway has been an absolute pleasure. We have been long-term clients – working with them for more than ten years now – which is a true testament to how much we value their work. They have never let us down on any project. Their products and services have always been of the best quality and have consistently been provided in a timely manner. Technicians/company representatives have been accessible and professional making it an extremely enjoyable experience. We would recommend their services to anyone, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them in the future.

Joan Ledoux
Minister of Education
MMF Métis Government of the Red River Métis

I have known Wei Xie of SystemWay Consulting for several years now and have her working for our Company as the Chief Operating Officer, of which I am Chairman. I have found Wei to be very pleasant, professional, transparent and knowledgeable. She adapts effectively to the many projects that we take part in, from Hydro Development to the Oil Pipeline Industry and, most recently, Commercial Property Development. We rely on Wei to use her many skills to prepare and present statistical data analysis that assists us in making business decisions that have benefited us immensely during her continued tenure with us. Wei has also been very effective in assisting us with International Trade ventures that we have taken part in worldwide. A true professional in every sense of the word.

Jack Park
Metis N4 Construction

Kate’s experience in a variety of design software applications enables her to transform concepts into tangible materials quickly, efficiently and creatively. I would highly recommend working with Kate Cassidy Design on projects big or small.When you work with Kate Cassidy Design, you soon understand what it means to work with a professional. Her ability to understand any product quickly allows her to provide a design that is perfectly fitted to your target audience. Kate’s experience in a variety of design software applications enables her to transform concepts into tangible materials quickly, efficiently and creatively. I would highly recommend working with Kate Cassidy Design on projects big or small.

Tamara Malashenko, MBA 
Marketing Communications Specialist

Kate has an amazing ability to translate complex concepts into powerful, meaningful and accessible visuals. Highly recommend her.

Alfred Aziz
Director General
Office of Nutrition Policy and Promotion at Health Canada

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